Moresco Park Hotel

Where we are

How to reach the Hotel Moresco

Moresco Park Hotel
via Fontana della Camera, 3
04029 Sperlonga LT

phone +39.0771.549667
fax +39.0771.209574
mobile +39.347.7580459

By car:

From Rome (highway)
a) A1 Highway – exit Frosinone
b) junction Frosinone-Terracina
c)  SR 7 Appia toward Terracina
d) SR.213 Flacca toward Sperlonga-Gaeta-Formia

From Rome (Ring)
a) Exit n° 26
b) SR 148 Pontina toward Latina-Terracina
c) SR 213 Flacca toward Sperlonga-Gaeta-Formia

Da Napoli (autostrada)
a) A1 highway toward Cassino
b) Freeway Cassino-Formia
c) SR 213 Flacca toward Formia-Gaeta-Sperlonga

By train:
Station Fondi – Sperlonga, on Roma – Napoli line (regional train)